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New rules requiring chains to post calorie counts

This is an interesting piece of news, although I’m not a big fan of calorie counts. The AP (4/2, Jalonick)…

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Justice Department Wants Tobacco Companies to Admit Wrongdoing

To all of our readers, this is a story worth following. The AP (2/24) reports, “The Justice Department disclosed Wednesday…

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FDA recalls lead contaminated candies

  I guess they had the name right on this one… The AP reported the US distributor of Pakistan-imported candy…

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Fast Food Companies Increase Marketing to Children

The Los Angeles Times (11/9, Stein) reports some fast food companies “have ramped up their marketing efforts in the past…

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A Halloween Candy Reminder

  Parents, make sure to keep an eye out for these recalled products this Halloween. CQ HealthBeat (10/26) reports, that…

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Know the Symptoms of Salmonella

Over 1,300 cases of Salmonella have been linked to tainted eggs in recent days. So, you’ll want to keep an…

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Senators reach agreement on food safety bill

  This is good news for food safety, but it’s unfortunate it came too late to prevent the salmonella outbreak….

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Salmonella Illnesses linked to eggs will likely grow

The Associated Press reported that the salmonella linked to tainted eggs from an Iowa firm (Editor’s note: two firms have…

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Bring Your Own Lunch!

USA Today (6/28, Stoller) reports that according to the paper’s analysis the agency’s “inspectors have cited numerous catering facilities that…

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Kellogg recalls 28M cereal boxes due to foul smell from plastic packaging

  Parents, if your kids eat any of these cereals, then you’ll want to read this warning. The Wall Street…

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