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Philadephia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident LawyersThe consequences of being involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle are often times severe, if not deadly. If you are lucky enough to survive, proving that it is not your fault poses an entirely different set of complications. You may find yourself victimized in terms of discrimination simply because you made the decision to ride a motorcycle in the first place. If you or someone that you care about are involved in a collision, you need to hire motorcycle accident lawyers to make sure that your rights are protected.

Philadephia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss: Astonishing Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Astonishing Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Statistics

We see too many victims lose important settlement cases simply because they failed to have an experienced attorney making sure that they are not held responsible for accidents they did not cause. According to the Philadelphia motorcycle accident statistics, the majority of injuries and deaths occur in the driver rather than the passenger. No matter where you were sitting at the time of impact, you need to have motorcycle accident lawyers working on your case.

Philadephia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Explain Serious Injuries caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Depending on the severity of the motorcycle crash, you or your loved one could be facing major injuries due to the lack of protection. The absence of seat belts, airbags, and a surrounding vehicle body leave you open to road rash, lesions, fractures, broken bones, lost limbs, spinal cord damage, or a brain injury. These are only come of the potential consequences if you are fortunate enough to survive an accident.

Philadephia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Point Out What to do after a Motorcycle Crash

What to do after a Motorcycle Crash in PhiladelphiaIf you are able to function, immediately alert the police and paramedics of the collision you’ve been involved in. It’s important to agree to medical attention regardless of how you feel because your adrenaline can prevent you from realizing trauma to your body. Try to take pictures of the vehicles and any important details while the evidence is still fully intact at the scene. Ask that a trusted member of your immediate family contact an attorney, or act on behalf of your loved on that was in an accident. When police reports unfairly place blame on the motorcycle operator, you will need our investigation to prove that you were not responsible. It also helps to have a lawyer negotiate a settlement rather than put faith in insurance adjusters that do not have your best interest in mind.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, our attorneys have experience handling the specifics from each state. Contact the New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Lundy Law. Fill out a free online consultation form or call us for free at 1-800-LundyLaw® today.

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