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Birth and Child Injury Lawyer

Helping Families Affected by Birth Injuries

Every expectant couple hopes their child is born healthy. But with preventable birth injuries, such as brachial plexus, cerebral palsy, and brain injury afflicting newborns every day, those hopes are too often discarded for new hopes—survival, healing, and justice.

If you’re the parent of a child who is suffering from a birth injury as the result of doctors’ negligent actions during pregnancy or labor, call 1-800-LundyLaw. Our birth injury lawyers serve clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and we’ll fight to hold accountable the doctors who are responsible for your child’s injury.

What can I do for my child?

A birth injury diagnosis can be devastating. But there are things you can do to help ensure a better future for your family. These three tips can help you cope with a birth injury:

  1. Educate yourself about your child’s injury.Ask your child’s doctors questions, pay attention to their answers, and then do your own research.
  2. Talk to other parents of children with the same injury.Parents of injured children can be an invaluable resource for information and emotional support.
  3. Be prepared to take on the insurance company.Don’t take the word of your claims adjuster about what your policy covers. Instead, read your policy carefully, ask questions, and call the birth injury attorneys at Lundy Law.

As a parent, it’s up to you to ask the questions your child can’t, and to get your child the assistance he or she needs. Luckily, you don’t have to take on the battle alone—the birth injury lawyers at Lundy Law can help you gather the evidence you need to fight for compensation to cover the expensive medical care your child requires.

Protect Your Child’s Future

If your child suffered a preventable injury while you were pregnant or giving birth, our child injury lawyers know that you’re facing a challenging time, and we want to help your family.

With Lundy Law on your side, you can focus on your child’s future, not on the costs of medical care and treatment. Fill out a free initial consultation form or call us at 1-800-LundyLaw® today.