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Attention: Common Medical Malpractice Errors by Doctors and Hospitals

Patients that are harmed by the treatment of any medical professional that they are trusting for proper health care fall…

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4 Ways to Help Avoid Birth Injury

In the United States, as many as eight babies out of 1,000 live births suffer a significant birth injury and…

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Common Causes of Medical Malpractice

A patient that has been harmed or loses their life while under the care of a physician, nurse, or other…

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Pennsylvania Mothers – The Dangers of Taking Depakote During Pregnancy

It is difficult to ignore the numerous television and internet advertisements that promote a variety of drugs that are used…

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Zofran Usage and Pregnancy – What if I Took a Generic Equivalent?

Medication is a necessity for many people. Some individuals must take medication on a regular basis to control certain health…

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Statute of Limitations – Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Explains Why Time is of the Essence

The decision to pursue a personal injury lawsuit is not always an easy one to make. However, when you or…

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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Explore the Most Common Birth Injuries

Your child’s birth is a precious moment you will remember forever. It is every parent’s hope that the birth of…

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Study Shows Certain Factors May Compound Chances of Birth Injury

The day of delivery is likely to be one of the most exciting days in a parent’s life; however, complications…

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Study Shows Birth Injury Rates Decline When Certain Policies Are Followed

January 17, 2013 A new study from the Premier Perinatal Safety Initiative (PPSI) found that birth injuries occurring in children and…

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Ask Marvin Lundy About Birth Injury: Cerebral Palsy

Nothing can prepare you for the shock of learning that your baby has a disability. In an instant, your life, your relationships and the dreams of your child’s future can be shattered. Now, imagine finding out that the disability was caused by your doctor’s negligence. Yet, this happens thousands of times every year – through the misuse of medical equipment, the prescription of a harmful drug, misdiagnosis or rough handling of an infant during childbirth. One of the most devastating of these disabilities is Cerebral Palsy (CP), a neurological disorder that permanently affects movement and muscle coordination. More than 8,000 babies are diagnosed with CP every year, requiring lifelong therapy and treatment.

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