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The Essure Procedure and How It Can Affect Your Body

According to Bayer, manufacturer of the device, the Essure procedure is the only permanent birth control available that does not…

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Could A Forced Air Surgical Warming Blanket Have Caused My Surgical Infection?

Surgical Warming blankets have been used in operating rooms for quite some time in order to maintain a patient’s temperature during…

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What is Mass Tort Litigation?

Many people have heard of class action lawsuits, but few are familiar with mass tort litigation. Although mass tort litigation…

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Mass Tort Attorneys Report: The Pelvic Mesh Litigation Continues, With Several Plaintiff Wins

Pelvic mesh is commonly used in pelvic surgeries after pelvic organ prolapse (POP), or when muscles in the pelvic region…

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Questions raised on whether medical device industry embraced safety reforms

April 19, 2012 The New York Times (4/19, B1, Meier, Thomas, Subscription Publication) reports, “As doctors scramble to understand the…

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Abbott Laboratories recalls up to 359 million glucose testing strips

The AP (12/22) reported, “The Food and Drug Administration says Abbott Laboratories is recalling up to 359 million testing strips used by diabetics because they can give falsely low blood sugar readings.” Because of the false results, “patients may try to raise their blood sugar levels unnecessarily or fail to detect dangerously high blood sugar levels.”

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FDA issues warning about Cardiac Science defibrillators

NBC Nightly News (4/27, story 11, 0:20, Williams) reported, “According to the FDA, defibrillators made by the Cardiac Science Corporation…

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FDA to institute stricter oversight of home medical devices

Bloomberg News (4/21, Olmos, Larkin) reports, “US regulators will strengthen their oversight of medical devices used at home as part…

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FDA to reevaluate ReGen knee repair device

The AP (3/19, Perrone) reported that ReGen Biologics, the medical device maker “at the center of a highly controversial Food…

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Families push for medical device bill

August 17, 2009 The Star Tribune reports that several families are pushing for Congress to pass a bill called the…

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