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At Lundy Law, we know that you’re facing medical bills, lost wages, and phone calls from the insurance company after a car accident. If you or a loved one was injured in an auto accident, you can count on the car accident lawyers from our offices in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to take cases other lawyers turn away, find answers to your insurance coverage questions, and fight for fair compensation so you can concentrate on healing.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents

No two car accidents are exactly alike, but our lawyers find that most car accidents involve one of the following circumstances:

  • Distracted DrivingEven though most motorists know that texting, putting on makeup, or eating while driving puts everyone on the road at risk for serious accidents, the number of distracted driving-related fatalities and injuries continues to climb each year.
  • Traffic ViolationsThe faster the speed of a vehicle, the greater the risk of having an accident. Both the speed and the angle of impact make red light and other traffic violation-related crashes some of the most likely to cause injuries or fatalities.
  • Drunk DrivingAlcohol can severely impair a driver’s response time, judgment, and driving ability. At Lundy Law, we don’t tolerate drunk driving, and if you’re the victim of an impaired driver, we want to stand up for your rights.



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If you were in a car accident involving any circumstances, Lundy Law is here to help.

List of some of the types of motor vehicle accident cases we represent:


Fair and Just compensation from Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident saddles you with many things to be concerned about. If the accident was your fault, there could be property damage, insurance issues, and medical expenses. You’ll have a host of unanswered questions, and a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer can at least help you understand your legal rights.  

DUI Accident Attorney in PA

DUI accidents account for a huge percentage of traffic-related accidents, injuries, and deaths. The best top-rated Pennsylvania car accident lawyers will fight for their clients injured by negligent drivers operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Facing up to highfalutin insurers a no-go

Insurance companies have their own lawyers and adjusters, and you dare not go it alone against them. They have their own complex way of talking in a highfalutin insurance language that they know you’ll battle with to comprehend. They’ll have you for breakfast and leave you feeling frustrated, foolish, and a loser. 

You will want a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer on your side to take on the insurance company on your behalf. Insurance companies know that many people are ignorant of the law and they take advantage of this situation. If they find out that you don’t have a lawyer, your chances of seeing any kind of decent compensation for your car accident could be nil.

Whats Types of Accidents are Reportable and or Non-reportable 

A small bumper bashing won’t require a car accident lawyer in Pennsylvania but when a serious injury has occurred which includes hospitalization or where the accident results in a death, a car accident lawyer will be required. 

In Pennsylvania, you get reportable and non-reportable car accidents. You are required to file a police report when someone is injured in the accident if your car is damaged to such an extent that it requires being towed away from the scene and if a hit and run has occurred. 

For minor car accidents where there are no injuries, you don’t have to report to the police. It doesn’t matter what kind of accident you were in though as it is a wise move to contact the police as they can prepare a report that can be used when filing an insurance claim.

Some must-do’s at the scene of an accident

Never leave the scene of a car accident in Pennsylvania. You have to stay until everything is wrapped up by the relevant authorities. Always take pictures of the car, the accident scene, and your injuries. Collect contact details of the other driver and any witnesses.

The best car accident lawyer in Pennsylvania is one that specializes in car accidents as opposed to a lawyer that covers lots of areas of the law. 

Find a local Pennsylvanian lawyer who knows the state of Pennsylvania. This is important as insurance and liability rules differ among the different states. They’re familiar with all the rules and regulations of the area. They also have good connections with the judicial branch and are aware of all resources that can help with your case. 

How much compensation is due to you after an Auto Accident in PA?

A top-rated accredited Pennsylvania personal injury law firm protects the right of those injured in car accidents. With their legal experience, they clarify your rights in terms of your injury claims. They also collect all the evidence they require to support the claim, gather police reports and medical records, and more to finally determine how much compensation you will get.

Car Accident Settlement from Top Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania spreads over a large geographical territory with a network of roads stretching across the land. There are many accidents happening on these roads and when people are injured in a car accident they require the services of a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer. This is because they may be entitled to financial compensation from the driver at-fault. 

With insurance, Pennsylvanians can choose between no-fault or standard policies. With a no-fault policy, small accidents are covered by your insurance company. With standard policies, coverage is provided by the at-fault driver’s insurer. 

In nearly every car accident case,  one driver is at fault for the accident. If you’ve been injured or you’ve incurred significant damage to your car, there are a few state laws that could have a big impact on your case, including the 2-year deadline for filing most car accident lawsuits and the state’s modified comparative fault rule.  This rule allows for financial recovery but only when the claimant was 50% or less responsible for causing the accident.

Who is responsible for your medical bills?

After a car accident in Pennsylvania, who will be responsible for your medical bills? When you are in a car accident in Pennsylvania, your medical bills have to be submitted to your car insurance company.

People often wonder why they must do this when it was the other person’s fault. In Pennsylvania, there is the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law and part of what you pay premiums for every year is for medical coverage.

The at-fault insurance company has to reimburse you for any out-of-pocket medical bills not covered by other insurance. Things can get complicated and you may find yourself feeling as if the accident has drained you financially when it wasn’t your fault.  It’s why you need a car accident lawyer on your side. Having someone knowledgeable handling all the complications of your case eases the burden and stress on you. 

A leading Pennsylvania car accident attorney organizes all the facts so that you can win the case and get compensation. A huge relief can be the lawyer completing the accident investigation for you, calculating the value of your claim, and doing all the communication with adjusters on your behalf. 

If the attorney can’t get a fair settlement with the insurance company through negotiations, they will file a lawsuit or demand arbitration.

Should you hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Yes and no. If the damage to your vehicle was minimal, you won’t need to hire a car accident lawyer. Some people disagree and say that you should because it could be just days later that you start to experience pain in your neck and back.

In many instances, injuries that may seem like nothing may be more severe than you realize. Talk to a minor car accident attorney to establish your options. 

If you’re looking for a good car accident lawyer in Pennsylvania, make sure you only consider board-certified lawyers. You will also notice that many work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay them unless they are able to recover money for you. 

Some of their practice areas include 18-wheel truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents. The best Pennsylvania car accident lawyers have recovered some of the biggest settlements there are, and they’re waiting to do it for you too. 

A Promise to Injured Drivers

Our legal team treats each and every auto accident claim with special care so all of our clients not only have their needs met, but also feel comfortable with our staff. Most important, we offer you a promise to work with integrity and diligence to help you get the results you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, contact the Pennsylvania  auto accident attorneys at Lundy Law. Fill out a free consultation form or call us for free at 1-800-LundyLaw today.