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Boating Accident Lawyer

Serving Boating Accident Victims

Every year, boating accidents cause hundreds of Americans to lose their lives and thousands more to be injured. In addition, millions of dollars of property damage are left in the wake of these accidents.

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, boating is a popular pastime, which means that waterways can become overcrowded, dangerous, and populated with untrained boat operators. If you’ve been injured on the Schuylkill River, Delaware River, the Jersey or Delaware Shores, or any other body of water, the boat accident lawyers at Lundy Law may be able to help.

5 Common Causes of Boating Accidents

There are numerous ways to be injured in a boat, but inexperience and reckless behavior are to blame in many accidents. Causes of boating accidents include:

  1. Operator InattentionBecause boating is a leisure activity, boat operators often fail to exercise the caution and care they should.
  2. Improper LookoutA significant number of accidents occur because spotters either miss hazards or take their focus away from skiers.
  3. Operator InexperienceInexperience plays a major role in many boating accidents, as too few operators take training courses—instead opting to learn while on the water.
  4. Excessive SpeedThose who choose to pilot a boat at excessive speed put everyone on board at risk.
  5. Alcohol UseJust as alcohol consumption—which affects judgment, vision, balance, and coordination—can impair your ability to operate an automobile, it can be extremely hazardous when on the water.

If you were in a boating accident, Lundy Law is here to help. Contact our experienced boat accident lawyers today.

What to Do Next

Our legal team knows that inexperienced or distracted boaters can be dangerous, even deadly. We also know that the medical bills and insurance battles associated with boat accidents can cause put stress on you and your family when you need to focus on getting better.

If you or a loved one were injured in a boating accident, take comfort in Lundy Law’s long history of building strong claims. Contact the experienced boating accident attorneys at Lundy Law. Fill out a free initial consultation form or call us for free at 1-800-LundyLaw today.