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Delaware County, Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys

The personal injury attorneys at Lundy Law are committed to answering your questions and helping you get the compensation for the treatment that you need, the bills that you have to pay, and the pain and suffering that you have endured.  When you are injured in a car crash, a slip and fall, or any other accident caused by the negligence of another person, it is critical to contact a qualified lawyer right away.  As experienced attorneys, we know how to preserve the evidence at an accident scene where things can quickly degrade and disappear.  Our personal injury attorneys are committed to fighting for your interests and easing your burden.

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Auto Accident Attorneys

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Auto Accident AttorneysWhen you are in a car accident, there are many things that may go through your head at the scene.  Getting everybody with you to safety likely is the first thing, but then there are questions about medical treatment, whether to go to the emergency room or seek medical care through your own physician, and how to manage the repairs to your car.  The fact is that the aftermath of the accident will be much worse than the initial reaction because it is then that you realize how the bills are piling up while income may be decreased or nonexistent, plus you may be dealing with ongoing medical care and debilitating pain.  The skilled auto accident attorneys at Lundy Law can help you with all of your questions while helping you to navigate through the maze of recovery.

As skilled car accident attorneys, the lawyers at Lundy Law know how to get the testimony from witnesses while working with accident recreation specialists to reenact exactly what happened for settlement discussions or trial.

Car accidents are traumatic.  The dedicated attorneys at Lundy Law are ready to fight for the compensation that you deserve because of the harm that was done to you through the negligence of the other driver.

The attorneys at Lundy Law represent clients throughout Delaware County, including:

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident AttorneysEach day, many people slip and fall and are seriously hurt.  However, these victims often are unaware that they are entitled to damages when they accidents were caused by the negligence of another person or business.  The skilled personal injury attorneys at Lundy Law are able to evaluate what happened to you and hold the responsible parties accountable for the harm that it caused, whether from a missing tile in the walkway or an open basement entrance.

As knowledgeable personal injury attorneys, the lawyers at Lundy Law are skilled at determining who had the duty to exercise due care and whether that duty was breached, thereby leading to the injury that you suffered.  In addition to auto accidents and slip and fall matters, we handle other areas of practice, including:

Suffering from an injury that was caused by the negligence of a third party, it is difficult to know what to do first.  The experienced lawyers at Lundy Law can help you make the tough decisions that have to be made as soon as possible.  We will do everything that we can to ease the burden that you are shouldering so that you can focus on getting well.  We want to make sure that you have the best possible legal representation, so we offer a No Fee Assurance, which means that we do not get paid until we win your case.  To schedule a time to speak with us about your case, please call us at either 1-800-LundyLaw today, or complete a free online consultation form.

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