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Blindness Work Injury Attorneys

A blindness work injury can be devastating as we depend on our eyesight to perform many functions. An accident at work that causes a closed head injury, damaging optical nerves or exposure to toxic chemicals can cause partial or total vision loss in one or both eyes. This type of injury is often permanent and can affect you for the rest of your life. After loss of vision due to a workplace injury, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation. If the damage is permanent, you may be eligible for additional benefits under Pennsylvania law.

Workplace Accidents That Cause Blindness

Workplace Accidents That Cause BlindnessThere are many ways that an accident at work can cause blindness. Mechanical shops can have flying debris that may enter the eye if you are not wearing safety glasses or a chemical could be spilled, causing fumes or even the chemical itself to enter the eye and cause damage. Welding arcs or other heat flashes can also cause eye damage as can explosions and other accidents. Looking directly at a UV source without glasses is another way that eyes can be damaged at work. Our Blindness attorneys have seen many different types if incidents lead to blindness.

Types of Eye Injuries

Workplace blindness injuries occur with all types of eye trauma. Flying debris can lead to a scratched cornea or an object could actually puncture the eye. Chemicals can burn the various parts of the eye. One of the most serious types of eye injuries is a detached retina which can lead to total blindness in the eye. There have also been injuries to the eye after the orbital bone is fractured in a workplace accident.

Even a minor eye injury can lead to permanent damage as bleeding can cause pressure to build up. Surgery is sometimes necessary to remove objects. Any eye injury needs immediate medical attention in order to protect as much vision as possible. Our blindness attorneys say that any eye injury should be reported to your employer immediately as well, even if they seem minor as problems may not be immediately evident.

Fighting for You After a Catastrophic Loss

Working with blindness attorneys is the best way to preserve your rights under the law. Any injury in the workplace that causes blindness, even temporarily, qualifies you for workers’ compensation. Hiring an attorney doesn’t mean you plan to sue your employer as Pennsylvania law actually does not allow you to do so in most cases. An attorney simply looks out for your rights and insures that you receive the proper compensation. Because vision loss may qualify you for additional benefits, it is important to discuss your rights with a qualified attorney.

If you or a loved one have suffered a blindness work injury, contact us today to learn what rights you may have. You can arrange for your initial consultation by phone or through our simple form on the website. We will work with the insurance companies and your employer so you can concentrate on healing as well as learning to live with such a devastating injury.

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