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Truck Driver Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Truck Driver Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Truck driving is a critical profession in our economy as the majority of goods and products are transported throughout the country by the trucking industry.

Truck driving is also a very dangerous profession as there are many aspects of the job that place those in the profession in harm’s way, whether it is loading the truck before venturing out on the road, traveling busy highways or unloading packages at a customer’s location.

These job duties often lead to trucker injuries, some of which can be severe.

Common Truck Driver Loading Injuries

Although it would seem that the most dangerous part of a truck driver’s job is while traveling on today’s busy roadways, the fact is a truck driver injury can occur during any part of the driver’s job.

Loading heavy boxes or products into the back of the truck and unloading them when delivering items to a customer can lead to musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, back and upper extremities.

In addition, during the loading or unloading process, truck drivers risk falling from the back of the truck or the loading dock, leading to head trauma, back injuries and broken bones. The same injuries can occur when a driver falls while lifting the latch on the back of the truck. Knee and back sprains are common from this type of accident. There have also been trucker injuries reported when a driver is struck by or against objects while loading the truck.

Causes of Truck Driver Injuries

One of the most common causes of a truck driver injury, however, is vehicle accidents. Other vehicles on the road often do not understand the difficulty in maneuvering a large truck in traffic. They sometimes cut in front of a truck to closely or stop too quickly so the truck does not have time to stop behind them.

Trucks are also prone to overturning as they are often top-heavier than other vehicles on the road. In some cases, driver error can cause accidents, such as when the truck driver has not had enough sleep or has driving more hours than permitted by law.

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Any truck driver injury that occurs while the driver is performing their job duties is covered under workers’ compensation. All employees, regardless of the industry, are required to have coverage for employee injuries. Even if the employee contributed to the injury, they are eligible for compensation for lost wages and medical bills incurred during the treatment of their injury.

The best way to be sure you receive the compensation you deserve is to speak to our workers’ compensation attorneys. Hiring our attorneys does not mean you are suing your employer. An attorney will work with the insurance company so you don’t have to and can concentrate on healing from your injury.

If you or a loved one have suffered trucker injuries, contact Lundy Law today to schedule an initial consultation regarding your workers’ comp case. You can schedule your appointment by calling 1-800-Lundy Law or completing the easy form on our website to begin the process of having your case reviewed by a qualified attorney.

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