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Plant Worker Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

There are many industrial plants located throughout Pennsylvania. Industrial plants provide valuable goods to consumers, from electronics to household appliances and more. Unfortunately, if you work in an industrial plant, you understand how dangerous the work can be. Accidents happen regularly, and although some injuries may be minor, others can be catastrophic, according to our plant worker injury attorneys.

OSHA Regulations

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is a governmental agency responsible for the rules and regulations designed to keep employees safe. If an industrial plant does not follow these regulations, they can be fined and held accountable for any injuries that occur. Human error is the most common factor in industrial plant accidents, often because employees were not properly trained, safety measures were not in place or there was little screening before an employee was hired.

Types of Plant Worker Accidents in Pennsylvania

Because industrial plants produce a wide variety of goods, the types of accidents can vary greatly. If you work in a chemical plant, you could be exposed to hazardous chemicals that are not stored properly or equipment used to handle the chemical may not be maintained properly. In some cases, administrative personnel may ignore safety warnings that lead to industrial accidents.

Explosions are also common in industrial plants. Although most of the explosions that occur are small, even a small explosion can lead to significant injury and death. If you are employed at an oil refinery or fertilizer plant, you are at risk of injury by explosion due to the nature of the work performed.

Workers’ Compensation

No matter what caused the accident that led to your injuries, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation for those injuries. Even if you hold some responsibility for the accident, partial or complete, your employer must provide you with workers’ compensation coverage and they may not fire you for filing a claim. Our plant worker injury attorneys can help guide you through the process as insurance companies sometimes miscalculate the amount you are owed. Pennsylvania law does not allow you to sue your employer for a workplace injury, so hiring an attorney does not mean you intend to sue. It just gives you peace of mind knowing that an attorney will work to get you all the compensation you deserve under the law.

If you or a loved one was injured in a plant accident, contact the plant worker injury attorneys at Lundy Law to see what rights you may have. You can arrange for an initial, no obligation consultation by calling 1-800-Lundy Law or completing the simple form online.

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