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The brain is one of the most important organs in your body, controlling every bodily function and acting as the center of your consciousness. Using the nervous system, your brain sends messages throughout your body, telling it to do even the simplest things, like swallowing or breathing. When your brain is injured, it can be devastating, causing problems that range from minor to catastrophic. Most brain injuries result in long-term problems that require extensive treatment and therapy.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often caused by blunt force, but can also be caused by shaking or jarring of the head. It is often caused by bruising, swelling or even tearing of brain tissue. Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury may include headaches, confusion, moodiness, fatigue and even nausea. The symptoms may last for hours, days or months.

When the injury occurs due to an accident, you may also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (TBI) as well, which can slow the healing process.

Delay in Head Injury Symptoms

It is not unusual for symptoms of a head injury to not develop immediately. You may believe that since you did not lose consciousness, the injury is not severe. This is not necessarily true and there have been cases where someone who seemed perfectly fine immediately after a head injury actually suffered a TBI that led to devastating results when the injury was not treated.

It is critical to seek medical attention whenever you hit, shake or jar your head severely.

Unusual Head Injury Symptoms

After a head injury, you may not even suffer a headache or be confused. Yet, several hours or days later, you may seem to be acting differently than normal. You may have a change in behavior or your speck may be altered. You may seem to have difficulty with your memory or you suddenly can’t complete even routine daily tasks.

If any of these symptoms appear, seek medical attention immediately.


There has been recent global attention to the dangers of concussions, a head injury that has been thought to be minor for decades. A concussion can actually cause lifelong brain damage as demonstrated by pro athletes who have developed long-term conditions after repeated blows to the head.

A concussion is very serious and, if you are diagnosed with a concussion, it is critical to seek medical attention and follow the orders of your doctor completely in order to avoid permanent damage.

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