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Police Officer Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Law enforcement officers are trained to protect others, but what happens when an officer is injured on the job? Under Pennsylvania law, according to our police officer injury attorneys in Pennsylvania, officers who are injured on the job are entitled to receive workers’ compensation from the city, borough, incorporated town or township who employs them.

However, it is not unusual for an officer’s injury claim to be denied or reduced for some reason. For this reason, it is important for the officer to speak to an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law, like those at Lundy Law.

Understanding the Risk that Police Officers Face

A law enforcement officer may face dangerous situations several times each day. Even a routine traffic stop can result in an officer’s injury if the person who has been stopped has a reason to evade tickets or arrest.

Officers face risk when they investigate domestic disturbances, are called to a robbery in progress or attempt to serve warrants on criminals. Almost any call that an officer responds to can result in an injury or death.

An officer does not even need to be responding to a call as they can be injured while working in the office or in training as well.

Serious Attention for the Needs of Police Officers

A law enforcement officer injury needs different attention than other workplace injuries. An officer may have been shot, struck by another vehicle while conducting a traffic stop or suffered injuries as the result of an assault. Unlike other professions where injuries are limited to broken bones, muscle strains or ligament tears, officers face significant risk as part of their job and injuries often lead to the death of the officer.

Someone who enters the law enforcement field understands the risks they are taking, leading some insurance companies to deny workers’ compensation claims. Officers are not only subject to physical injuries, however. The stress of the job can lead officers to suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems related to their job duties.

Seeking Compensation for Injured Police Officers

An injury to a law enforcement officer can be career ending, yet disability claims are often denied. In the case of psychological injury, it is sometimes difficult to prove that the injury was caused by the officer’s employment. The police officer injury attorneys in Pennsylvania at Lundy Law can protect your rights if you are an injured law enforcement officer. Hiring an attorney does not mean you plan to sue your department, but that you want to be sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

If you or a loved one was injured in Philadelphia, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, while serving as a law enforcement officer, contact Lundy Law today to learn what rights you may have. You can arrange for a no obligation initial consultation at 1-800-Lundy Law or complete the simple form on our website.

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