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New Jersey Turnpike Accident Attorneys

One of the busiest toll roads in the entire country runs through ten New Jersey counties. The New Jersey turnpike cuts through the densely populated center of the state and is a vital transportation corridor.

The turnpike links commuters to the George Washington Bridge, the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel and the Verrazano Bridge, allowing people to get to New York City, The Meadowlands and the airport in Newark. With more than 63,000 cars travelling the road each day, there is no wonder that hundreds of auto accidents occur on the highway annually, resulting in serious injury and death.

Causes of New Jersey Turnpike Accidents

One of the most common causes of auto accidents on the turnpike is speeding. The majority of the turnpike has a speed limit of 65 miles per hour, although some sections require drivers to travel at 50 miles per hour. However, there are sometimes conditions when traveling the speed limit may be unsafe, such as in heavy traffic or inclement weather.

Many drivers on the turnpike are in a hurry to get to work or another destination, resulting in aggressive driving that may also lead to car accidents. Distracted driving, whether due to other passengers in the car or use of a mobile device are also common causes of accidents on the highway.

Tractor Trailers

Because the New Jersey Turnpike is a central route between several large cities, it is heavily traveled by large trucks. This can lead to serious and fatal car accidents that also involve tractor trailers. These are often some of the most severe accidents that occur on the turnpike as the trucks are significantly larger than passenger vehicles.

Not all of the accidents are the fault of the truck driver, as people often follow trucks too closely and change lanes suddenly in front of them, unaware that it takes much longer for a driver to stop or slow a tractor trailer than it does a smaller passenger vehicle.

After a Turnpike Accident

Determining fault in a turnpike auto accident can be difficult, simply because of the speeds and amount of traffic traveling the road. If you are involved in a turnpike accident, contact law enforcement immediately, even if the other driver suggests that you handle the accident privately. You always want a police report on file and documentation of fault in the accident if possible.

Seek medical attention for injuries, even if they seem minor as an injury may not surface for hours or days. Take photos of the crash scene and any visible injuries as well. Obtain the name and contact information of any witnesses to the crash.

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