Can Preexisting Injuries Harm Your Potential Auto Accident Case in Pennsylvania?

Can Preexisting Injuries Harm Your Potential Auto Accident Case in PennsylvaniaMany Pennsylvania residents have suffered injuries at some point in their lives that may have gone away overtime, or perhaps still bother them from time to time. Back pain is a common example, and plagues millions of Americans. Back injuries are also common when it comes to auto accidents, and this should come as no surprise. Sudden impact is likely to affect a driver or passenger’s back or neck in some way. As such, if you have been involved in any type of auto accident and you have a preexisting injury or condition, such as back pain, you may think your case could be more difficult to prove. However, this is not the case in most situations.

If you have been injured due to another driver’s negligence, you should not be compensated less simply because you had the same or similar injury in the past. The negligent driver cannot use your preexisting injury to wash his or her hands clean of causing you harm. Evidence of your prior injuries may be relevant to your auto accident case, but such evidence typically cannot be used to demonstrate that your current injuries are not related to the auto accident. There are always exceptions, so each case must be analyzed on an individual basis.

Why it is Crucial to Speak with a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

While your preexisting injuries should not prevent you from receiving compensation for injuries suffered in an auto accident, such preexisting injuries could still be very important to your case. For example, it is important to demonstrate how much worse your injuries are now. If you had minor back pain prior to your auto accident, and your back pain is much more extensive after the accident, there must be evidence to show the progression of your injuries, proving that your current injuries were a result of the auto accident.

With the assistance of an attorney, all of these key facts will be thoroughly investigated and your medical records will be reviewed and analyzed. Many people believe they can successfully pursue legal action without the help of an attorney. While this is certainly possible, your chances of receiving what you are entitled to will be much greater if you allow an attorney to handle your case. Having an attorney by your side will give you peace of mind in knowing that your attorney has done everything possible to help you recover from something that should have never occurred in the first place.

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If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania auto accident, you may have a potential cause of action against the negligent party, regardless of what preexisting injuries or conditions you may have. While prior injuries and/or conditions can play a role in the analysis of your potential case, it is not likely to preclude you from seeking compensation for the injuries you suffered as a result of the auto accident. At Lundy Law, our attorneys have the experience, dedication, and advocacy skills to evaluate your potential case thoroughly, yet promptly, to ensure you receive proper legal advice and representation. With offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Lundy Law is able to help a wide variety of clientele with unique circumstances, and have handled countless auto accident cases for more than 50 years. If you believe you have a potential personal injury case for injuries you suffered as a result of an auto accident, contact Lundy Law today by calling (800) LundyLaw to schedule your free consultation.