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Slipping and falling sounds fairly harmless, with the majority of these types of accidents occurring on the same level surface. However, even a slip and fall at the same level can lead to serious, even fatal injuries. When the slip and fall happens because someone else made mistake, you may have a premises liability claim.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Germantown, Philadelphia

Almost anything can cause a slip and fall. You may have tripped over an uneven sidewalk that your city failed to repair or your neighbor may have missed a patch of ice on their driveway. You may have been doing your regular grocery shopping and slipped on spilled liquid that no one cleaned up.

There have also been slip and falls down stairs when carpet is loose or adequate safety measures have not been taken, such as handrails or non-skid surfaces. A co-worker’s extension cord may not have been secured, causing you to trip. If any of these accidents caused your injury, you need to discuss your case with Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys.

Some causes that could be considered for a premises liability claim include:

Unsecured cords
Uneven carpet or tile
Inadequate tread on stairways

Ice or snow in parking lots or on sidewalks
Wet floors in a public place

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Germantown, Philadelphia

Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere. They have been reported in the workplace, in public areas and at the home of a friend or relative. Some of the cases Lundy Law’s personal injury lawyers have represented include:

Some of the more common areas of slip and fall accidents occur include:

  • Restaurants
  • Parks / Playgrounds
  • Arenas / Stadiums / Theaters
  • Job Sites
  • Retirement / Nursing Homes

Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

If you slip and fall at work, Pennsylvania law requires that your injuries, as well as lost wages, are covered under workers’ compensation. Even if you are partially, or even completely, at fault for the accident that caused your injury, your employer must provide coverage. However, it is not unusual for an employer to miscalculate your benefits, which is why you need to discuss your case with Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer for premises liability or a workplace injury does not mean you plan to sue the person responsible. When it comes to workplace injuries, you are not permitted to file a lawsuit against your employer for a workplace injury in most cases. The Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys at Lundy Law will simply look out for your best interests to be sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Schedule your initial, no obligation consultation by calling 1-800-Lundy Law or by completing the online form on our website.

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