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Premises Liability Accidents (also known as Slip and Fall accidents) occur as a result of a negligent property owner failing to provide a safe environment. Potential threats come in the form of spilled liquids, damaged flooring, inadequate handrails, poor lighting, or other hazardous conditions.

Statistics provided by the National Safety Council prove that an average of 25 thousand innocent people are injured every single day as a result of neglected conditions. With the help of our slip and fall accident attorneys, it is possible to take action against the entity responsible for the accident you have suffered.

Sometimes dangerous conditions were not noticed before the accident, did you know it is still possible to prove that the property owner is responsible for your physical and emotional trauma? Our premises liability attorneys investigate pictures from the scene and any eyewitness accounts of the accident to determine if compensation is due.

No matter how embarrassed you might feel as a result of tripping, slipping, or falling on public or private property, it’s important to get justice and compensation to move on with confidence. Your bravery could prevent a similar incident from happening to another innocent victim. that would end up as part of the 9 million people the National Safety Council reports with a disabling injury each year.

Slip and fall accident statistics

The enormous rate of serious physical complications that result from accidentally falling may be surprising. Most people know someone personally that has fallen, if they have not been involved in such an incident themselves. It happens to millions of individuals every single year, and leaves many with permanent disabilities or even accidental death.

The older a person gets, the more susceptible they become to serious consequences from landing on a hard surface. The following statistics prove that falls are a very serious problem that demand the help of an experienced premises liability attorney.

Understanding Your Rights – Do I Have a Claim?

Establishing the reason you were visiting the location of your fall is one of the first facts that our attorneys will want to look into. As long as the reason you were visiting the property was not unlawful, the property owner or manager generally has the burden of providing safety.

For example, a victim is considered trespassing during the time they are injured may not have rights to file a claim.
Different laws will apply depending on the reason you were on the property during the time of your accident.
The duty of care is considered intermediate, but you still have a right to take action in the right circumstances.

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

Poorly maintained areas of a property have the potential to create a hazard for unsuspecting visitors. A wet floor that is not cleaned or indicated as wet can cause a person to lose their balance, or a cluttered department store aisle may cause you to fall over products.

It’s worth mentioning that premises liability covers much more than just falls, so it would be incorrect to use the terms interchangeably. Negligence on the part of a property owner can leave surfaces unsafe for walking due to any of the following causes:

  • Unsafe stairways
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Falling debris
  • Falling retail merchandise
  • Wet or icy floors
  • Cracked, uneven, or unsafe sidewalks or walkways
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Lose hand railings
  • Negligent security
  • Faulty wiring
  • Explosions, fires, and other accidents in apartment complexes or hotels
  • Injuries due to criminal acts enabled by negligent security or poor lighting
  • Amusement and water park accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Conditions in a working environment are typically hectic, but there is no reason to sacrifice personal safety to get your job done. An injury at the workplace should be covered by workers’ compensation. However, an employee that has to visit sites not owned by their employer may file a different type of injury claim if hurt.

In this situation, legal action may be taken against the actual owner of the property that the incident occurred. A settlement would be paid through a personal injury claim, and you may also be entitled to collect workers’ compensation.

Who Is Responsible for Your Philadelphia Slip-and-Fall Accident?

Who Is Responsible for Your Philadelphia Slip-and-Fall Accident?The person that owns or manages the property has the burden of maintaining safety, but it could also fall to a tenant or lessee. Attorneys advise that the landlord is typically the default person to place blame on anytime there is a problem.

It may come down to consulting the rental agreement to get details regarding the responsibility for property maintenance. If a tenant, property management company, or contractor is in control, then they may have to take responsibility for any accident.

There are times that a fall happens due to conditions that the property owner could not prevent. The individual walking on the property should behave reasonably to ensure their own safety.

An injured person might be partially liable for the fall and wouldn’t be able to claim a full settlement if they contributed to their own accident. All of the circumstances have to be evaluated carefully to determine if negligence played a part in the fall.


Common Injuries Suffered by Slip and Fall Accident

The National Safety Council reports that almost 9 million individuals are admitted to emergency rooms to treat falls each year. The age of the victim and circumstances of the incident can cause consequences to vary, with these being the most common injury types:

  • Lacerations
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Contusions
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Soft tissue tears
  • Nerve damage
  • Skull fracture
  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injury

An estimated 25,000 people meet fatal consequences from a slip and fall accident daily, with survivors often facing troublesome consequences. A severe fall may lead to extensive issues that require hospitalization, corrective surgery, rehabilitation, placement in an assisted living facility, and other special requirements in recovery.

Unfortunate individuals may never fully recover as they are forced to endure permanent disabilities, with elderly adults being at the highest risk of such complications.

A broken or fractured hip may prevent regaining strength and mobility necessary to get around normally. The severity and type of injury you’ve endured is one of the factors that your slip and fall accident attorney will evaluate when building your case.

Compensation for a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Injury

Our premises liability attorneys are responsible for determining the amount of compensation that a victim can ask for in their claim. It makes sense to consider the actual expenses that have come up as a result of the accident, but stress and embarrassment may be valid complaints as well.

Damages from pain and suffering typically depend on the severity of injuries and the permanency of these difficulties. A victim that has a minor wrist sprain from slipping on a wet floor in the grocery store may not be able to claim as much as someone that falls down a flight of stairs due to broken handrails. The person that endured this type of accident could possibly have several broken bones that might cause a permanent inability to walk. Our attorneys will be able to advise you on the possibilities after careful consideration of the entire incident and the potential for future hardships.

You may have the right to a settlement if you have endured any expenses related to their accident, for example:

Steps to Take After a Fall

Hesitation after a slip and fall accident is one of the biggest mistakes that you could make in the effort to keep your rights protected. A victim that waits to take action may not have the ability to receive the full benefits of the slip and fall settlement amounts due to insufficient evidence.

Your incident may be unexpected and surprising, but there is a smart way to handle yourself following the moment that your incident occurs.
Act quickly to take these steps following the incident:

If you are determined to do what it takes to get back on your feet, our slip and fall accident attorneys are ready to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.
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