3 Steps to Take After Suffering A Catastrophic Injury at Work

One of the most common types of workplace accidents involves employees coming into contact with objects or equipment on job sites. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates such accidents are responsible for roughly 15 percent of all workplace fatalities that occur annually.

Just last week, a tree trimmer suffered a Catastrophic Injury after he was struck in the shoulder and neck by a chainsaw as he worked to bring down a tree. Reports indicate the incident occurred on the afternoon of Monday, March 31, in Ross Township, Pennsylvania.

According to an article from NBC-Philadelphia News, the 21-year-old victim was trimming a branch when the chainsaw he was using kicked back. The blade then entered the muscle of his shoulder before becoming lodged in his neck.

The victim was transported to a local hospital where doctors determined the blade had missed major arteries by inches, allowing the man to survive.

The incident leaves many workers wondering what they should do in the event they are injured in an accident with a piece of equipment while working. The Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law say there are several actions that should be taken immediately, which include:

  • Get the Medical Attention You Need
  • Document the Accident
  • Speak With An Attorney Regarding Your Legal Rights