Slip and Fall Lawyers Educate Victims Who Have Slipped and Fallen At A Major Retailer And Games The Retailers Play

Slip and Fall Lawyers Educate Victims Who Have Slipped and Fallen At A Major Retailer And Games The Retailers PlayImagine slipping and falling in a supermarket, but this is no ordinary supermarket, this is a multibillion-dollar retailer. What is your slip and fall accident case worth? It may depend on the injuries sustained and whether it was serious. Headlines suggest you may get a large payout, as was the case in Jacksonville, Florida where a jury awarded $1 million to woman who fell at a Wal-Mart Super Center, finding Wal-Mart 80% at fault and the plaintiff 20% at fault. Think again. According to the article, Wal-Mart Loses $1M Local Slip and Fall Case,” from the Jacksonville Business Journal, large retailers try slip-and-fall cases instead of settling them in order to deter other potential plaintiffs from filing claims they view as frivolous. The article also stated that retailers often win, but in this particular case the plaintiff presented a story believable to the jury that she slipped on a wet spot on the floor in front of the cashier she was bringing back to show a price discrepancy on an item, which caused irreversible nerve damage to her shoulder that was recovering from a previous injury. Wal-Mart maintained that they surveyed the area for safety, however evidence showed otherwise, that the security video to prove this was destroyed, employees of Wal-Mart did not investigate the floor was wet when the plaintiff fell, and nobody at the store ever interviewed the cashier who was with the plaintiff at the time of the fall.

Now what if you filed a slip and fall accident case against Wal-Mart and your claim was less than say $100,000 after sustaining several injuries? One would think that retail giants such as Wal-Mart might try settling your case. But unfortunately, one Philadelphia woman recently found out the hard way just how difficult it is to face off against Wal-Mart. Juanita Lewis-Hatton slipped and fell at a Philadelphia Wal-Mart on spilled and trampled food items and produce left on the floor in September 2012. Ms. Lewis-Hatton sued Wal-Mart in state court for negligent failure to remedy the dangerous situation inside the store. She also alleged in her complaint that she sustained severe, disabling, and permanent bodily injuries due to her fall and sustained injuries to her pelvis, joints, hip thigh, lower back, in addition to other parts of her body. Rather than keep the case in state court, Wal-Mart immediately petitioned to remove the case to federal court after plaintiff and her attorney refused to stipulate that her damages were between $50,000 and $75,000 and assumed she was seeking more than $75,000. Ms. Lewis-Hatton fought hard against Wal-Mart to remand the case back to state court by arguing her damages did not exceed $50,000. The federal court judge agreed with Ms. Lewis-Hatton that Wal-Mart did not meet its burden to justify transfer to federal court and sent the case back to state court.

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