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Auto Accident Attorneys in Salem County, New JerseyIf you have been in an auto accident caused by the negligence of a third-party, the odds are that the site of the accident began to change in the immediate aftermath of the event that changed your life.  If you were harmed in a car accident, the roadway is subject to weather conditions, vehicle traffic, routine maintenances, and various other factors that will eliminate the evidence of what happened to you.  If your injury occurred as the result of a slip and fall, the hazard that led to your accident likely did not remain in place very long, especially if it was caused by weather conditions or a spill.

It is critical to collect evidence as quickly as possible.  The skilled personal injury attorneys at Lundy Law can help ensure that you are able to present the best possible case by independently investigating your accident and gathering the evidence necessary to prove the negligence of the third-party who caused you harm.  Speaking with witnesses as close to the time of the accident will lead to a more accurate description of the events.  It also provides enough time to follow-up on new leads.  With personal injury actions, time always is a factor because a legal action must be filed within a proscribed period.  Many times, insurance companies will extend settlement negotiations with the motivation that a victim will be forced to agree to a less than favorable payment because there no longer is time to prepare an effective case before the filing deadline.

At Lundy Law, our attorneys have the information about how to maximize the compensation awarded in an accident case based upon the facts of your situation.  We can answer your questions and provide legal options.  Our lawyers also understand that this accident did not affect you alone.  We want to work with you to develop a plan that will benefit you and your family.

Accident cases involve gathering evidence and proving the negligence of a third-party.  This is possible even if you contributed to the accident in some amount, although being more than fifty percent responsible for the accident will eliminate the possibility of recovery from a third-party in New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania and Delaware.  The skilled personal injury attorneys at Lundy Law want you to understand all of your options before helping you to make the best decision possible.  We are available to sit down and talk at your convenience and represent clients throughout Salem County, including:

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Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys in Salem County, New Jersey

Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys in Salem County, New JerseyThere are so many things that we think about as we go through our day, including how we are going to get our errands done before having to transport family members to numerous activities.  What most of us do not think about is what happens if you slip on the marble floor in the foyer of your building that had excessive cleaning solution poured all over it right before everyone left for lunch.  However, once you have experienced this type of devastating accident, you may not be able to think about anything else.  If you are struggling to manage medical treatment, bills, and determining what to do about getting the money that you need to move forward with your life, then you need to let the slip and fall accident attorneys at Lundy Law take over the burden of fighting for your rights.  We will evaluate your case and track down the facts of what happened to cause your accident.  We understand how to review reports, statements, evidence, and records to arrive at the truth and will do this to get the justice that you deserve.

With almost fifty years of dedicated service to the needs of our clients, Lundy Law specializes in fighting for the rights of accident victims and those injured as the result of a third-party’s negligence, whether the wrongdoer was a complete stranger or a trusted physician.  Some of our practice areas include:

If you have suffered as the result of someone else’s negligence, it is natural for you to have many questions.  However, at the same time as you are faced with issues of how and why this happened, you also have to deal with medical treatment and significant expenses.  The knowledgeable and caring attorneys at Lundy Law are ready to answer your questions and take up your fight while you focus on your recovery.  We are committed to ensuring that accident victims receive the best possible legal representation without having to worry about financial considerations, so we offer a No Fee Assurance where you only pay fees and costs if we win your case.  To schedule a free and confidential evaluation of your case, call us at 1-800-LundyLaw, or complete a free online consultation form.

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