Slip and Fall Accident? Here’s How to Prove Fault

Slip and Fall Accident? Here’s How to Prove Fault

Thousands of people are injured in slip and fall accidents each year and many of the injuries that occur can be serious, even fatal.

When the injury occurs due to an error or the negligence of someone else, a personal injury claim may be an option for the person who is injured. However, too many people who are injured in a slip and fall accident are not sure how to prove that someone else is at fault.

These tips can help you determine who may be responsible if you have been injured after a fall.

File an Accident Report

If your fall occurred at a place of business, you need to notify the business owner or manager as soon as possible.

Many large companies have accident reporting policies in effect, so ask if there is an official form you need to complete. The accident report should be completed at the time of the accident as it makes your case more credible than if you wait even a day or so to report it.

You should also report the incident immediately even if it seems as if your injuries are minor, as minor injuries can become worse over time.

Witness Testimony

Anyone who observed your fall is a witness to the incident. Ask them to provide their name, address and telephone number as well as a written statement of what they saw.

Witnesses could include other people in the vicinity of the fall and employees of a business where the fall occurred. If an employee makes any statement indicating that such accidents have happened in the past, be sure to note that as well.

Evidence of Injuries

Keep any evidence related to the injury sustained, especially clothing and shoes, in a safe location.

The business owner or manager may try to blame your clothing or footwear for your fall, so keeping what you were wearing available for review by an insurance company or attorney can help refute that claim.

Video Footage

Today, most businesses have video surveillance placed throughout the company premises. Video is often used as a security measure for the store, preventing shoplifting or other wrongdoing.

The video may also be beneficial in a personal injury case as it may provide evidence of what caused you to slip and fall, such as a wet floor with no warning sign or a shelf that was not properly locked into place.

Ask for copies of the tapes at the time of the accident as many businesses do not save video footage for an extended period.

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