Experienced Slip and Fall Attorneys Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

Experienced Slip and Fall Attorneys Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions
Slip and fall accidents occur with regularity throughout the U.S. In the winter months in cold states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, the incidence of slip and fall accidents climbs tremendously as residents slip and slid on icy, snowy surfaces. These slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries, including spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, internal organ damage, and more.

After a slip and fall accident, victims will often experience hurt and confusion. They are uncertain as to their legal rights and how to proceed. Some accidents will occur on sidewalks, in parking lots, while out shopping, or at a friend’s house. The victim may feel okay after the accident and continue on with their day, only to realize later that they have sustained a serious injury.

The victims of slip and fall accidents will have a number of questions concerning what to do after a fall, what their rights may be, and how a slip and fall lawsuit will proceed. The following is a look at some frequently asked questions concerning slip and fall accidents:

If I fall on someone else’s property, are they responsible for my injuries?

Liability will depend upon the circumstances surrounding the fall. A property owner is not automatically liable for any injuries occurring on the property. Rather, the owner will be responsible if he or she was negligent in some manner. Most states hold that property owners must maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition and free of unreasonable hazards. If you are a property owner violates this law by allowing a dangerous condition to exist, the property owner or possessor can be held accountable.

Your personal injury attorney will examine the facts of your accident to determine whether negligence played a role.

If I fall on an icy sidewalk, is the property owner responsible for my injuries?

Many slip and fall accidents occur on icy sidewalks this time of year. The liability of the sidewalk owner for this sort of accident will depend upon where you fell and the circumstances surrounding the fall. Each state, town, or city will set its own regulations concerning the maintenance of sidewalks. Some areas require all snow in front of businesses be cleared within 24 hours, while others merely set a reasonable time. In some places the city remains responsible for sidewalk maintenance, including snow clearage. Your attorney will have knowledge concerning your specific area and be able to advise you as to the liability of the property owner.

What damages can I seek in a slip and fall action?

Generally, you can seek to collect damages for all the losses you have sustained as a direct result of the accident. This will usually include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, costs for rehabilitation, and losses associated with any permanent or long term disability. Your attorney will advise you further as to the damages available in your state.

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