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Tractor trailers provide a valuable service throughout the world, transporting goods from location to another. Tractor trailers are significantly larger than other vehicles on the road due to the high volume of goods they must carry, which is why tractor trailer accidents can be devastating to those who are involved.

Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

There are many reasons why a tractor trailer may be involved in or cause an accident. Often, the cause is not poor driving, although there are driver problems that may lead to a crash. In many cases, the cause of the accident could have been prevented. Some common causes include:

Driver fatigue
Improperly loaded cargo
Inability to stop truck in time

Mechanical failure
Poor training

Liability in Tractor Trailer Accidents

After a tractor trailer accident, liability for your injuries may vary depending on what the cause of the accident was. The driver is not the only person who can be held liable as the company they work for can also be responsible. The company may have required the driver to work longer hours than allowed under federal law or they may not have performed required maintenance on the truck before the driver took it on the road. It is also possible the driver was not trained properly which is the fault of the company and not necessarily the driver.

There are many laws regarding the operation of commercial vehicles and if one of these laws has been violated, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the company.

Driver Fatigue and Impairment

A few years ago, a tractor trailer accident in New Jersey resulted in severe injury to actor Tracy Morgan and the death of a member of his touring group, James McNair. The truck driver in the accident had driven 12 hours to work after a family vacation before starting a 14-hour shift. Investigators determined driver fatigue was a contributing factor in the accident.

Although the driver had not violated any regulations, his decision to go to work with no sleep led to the death of one man and severe injury to another. This is just one instance of truck drivers who ignore safety recommendations that can lead to tractor trailer accidents. In addition, there have been cases where truck drivers are behind the wheel of the large trucks after drinking or may use drugs in an effort to stay awake on long trips.

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