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Ice-Related Slip and Fall Accidents

In many Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, ice and snow are very common throughout the winter months. During these months, ice-related slip and fall accidents are also common.

If you have been injured after slipping and falling on ice or snow, you may be unable to work and wonder how you will support your family. You may be facing extensive medical treatments and be in significant pain. It is possible that the owner of the property where you slipped and fell could be held liable for your injury.

Duty of Care in Ice-Related Slip and Fall Accidents

Most ice-related slip and fall accidents occur on sidewalks or parking lots outside of businesses. A company has a duty to remove ice and snow from the premises in order to protect customers from injury due to slippery surfaces.

However, the law requires that the property owner use reasonable care when it comes to icy sidewalks. In addition, it is commonly known that ice and snow covered surfaces are slippery. This means that you also must take care when walking on surfaces that may be icy.

Natural Accumulation Rule

In some states, there is something known as the “natural accumulation rule.” This rule relieves the property owner of liability when there is a natural accumulation of snow or ice. However, the property owner cannot interfere with or alter the accumulation and no abnormal danger can exist.

However, most states require that ice and snow be removed from parking lots and sidewalks as soon as it is reasonable to do so. If a business takes no steps to clear the sidewalk long after the snowstorm is over, they could be liable for any ice-related slip and fall accidents.

Damages Recovered

If you can prove that the property owner is liable, you may be eligible for compensation for any lost wages, medical treatments as well as pain and suffering. You may receive compensation not only for past medical treatments, but also for treatments you will need in the future. It is important to document the accident as much as possible. Take photos of the area as it looked at the time of your accident, not after the snow or ice has been cleared. Be sure to take photos of your injuries and seek medical treatment even if it seems like your injuries are minor. If the slip and fall occurred on government property, special rules apply as most governmental entities are protected from civil lawsuits.

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