Defective Motorcycles Cause Serious Injuries

Defective Motorcycles Cause Serious InjuriesAlthough many of the annual motorcycle accidents are a result of driver error, driver negligence or reckless behavior on the part of one or both of the drivers, a certain number of those accidents are related to a defective motorcycle or motorcycle part. Because nearly 80% of motorcyclists involved in a collision suffer death or serious injury, it is important to understand how a defective motorcycle can be responsible for such severe accidents.

It is common for police reports for the accident to lay the blame on the motorcyclist without looking further into the true cause of the collision. Motorcycle riders injured through no fault of their own may find they are further victimized by a legal system with preconceived notions about motorcycles and those who ride them. For many motorcyclists injured in an accident, the single best decision they can make is to quickly find an experienced personal injury attorney with a strong background in handling all types of motorcycle accidents.

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Defects

While the list of motorcycle defects or defects in specific parts of the motorcycle is long, some of the more common ones include:

  • Failure of the motorcycle tires resulting in a serious or deadly blowout.
  • Rear tire defects causing misalignment imbalances.
  • Failure of the braking system or shock absorbers.
  • Improper assembly of the motorcycle at the factory.
  • Failure of the chain.
  • Defective pedals or toe clips
  • Handlebar defects leading to wobbling and uncontrollable shaking
  • Fuel line defects leading to fires and overheating

The Unprotected Motorcyclist

The motorcyclist’s helmet may also be defective, not protecting the head properly in the event of an accident or unforeseen fall. If a fails to protect the rider at a crucial moment, then its manufacturer must be held responsible for any of his or her resulting damages. Because the motorcyclist has none of the safety equipment commonly found in automobiles, such as seat belts and airbags, defective motorcycle parts that are responsible for an accident cause the motorcyclist’s body to absorb the bulk of the impact. This usually results in serious and life threatening injuries – and, sometimes even death.

Injuries Sustained Following a Motorcycle Accident

When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is very likely that serious or fatal injuries will be sustained. Brain trauma, serious road rash leading to life-threatening infection, debilitating spinal cord injuries,, internal injuries, fractures, burns, cuts and loss of limbs are all common motorcycle injuries. If the accident and resulting injuries were caused by a defective motorcycle or motorcycle part, then the manufacturer must be held responsible.

Proving Liability Following a Motorcycle Accident

When a motorcycle part, system or assembly turns out to be faulty the rider is placed in serious jeopardy. Proving liability can be a complex job, requiring a highly experienced and aggressive attorney who will force the insurance companies to take the accident seriously. The attorney must prove the part was, in fact, defective, that it came to you in that condition and that it was directly responsible for your accident and subsequent injuries. Evidence will be crucial in your case therefore it is of utmost importance that you keep every single part and piece of the motorcycle following the accident as well as the instructions and labeling which came with your motorcycle when you purchased it.

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