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Personal Injury Attorneys in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

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Personal Injury LawyersThe Personal Injury Lawyers at Lundy Law serving Conshohocken, Pennsylvania have been serving their clients zealously for the last 50 years, winning hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and judgments on their behalf.  If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another, our attorneys are fully knowledgeable on every aspect of the applicable laws and can provide excellent legal representation in order to obtain the maximum damages award allowable under the law.

Car Accident and Other Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Conshohocken, PA

Car Accident Attorneys in Conshohocken, PAThe Auto Accident Attorneys at Lundy Law in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania have assisted many clients who were hurt in a car accident.  Oftentimes, their injuries result from the negligent actions of other drivers who were either drunk; distracted by talking, texting or reading; or who committed traffic violations.  Our lawyers will fully investigate the facts of your case to determine whether the operator of the other vehicle behaved negligently, as well as review police reports and interview witnesses to find out whether you have the basis for a claim.

If you have been physically harmed by another type of vehicle, our team of dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyers serving Conshohocken, PA assists injured motorcyclists as well as those injured by a motorcycle.  We also have Truck Accident Attorneys serving Conshohocken, PA who are fully experienced in investigating, preparing, negotiating, and successfully litigating these types of cases.  In addition, we handle the claims of individuals who have been injured in other vehicle accidents, including bus, boating, hit and run, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents.

Although we are of course unable to guarantee success in any particular case, the knowledge and experience we have obtained handling these various types of injuries in the last 50 years have resulted in excellent recoveries for many of our clients. 

Slip and Fall Accidents — Premises Liability Attorneys in Conshohocken, PA

Premises Liability AttorneysIf you have been physically harmed on the property of another — your place of work, a business, or a home — you may be able to recover a monetary reward to help with medical bills, loss of income, and other costs attributable to the accident, such as pain and suffering.  Our Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania have handled many such cases and understand the types of defects that can serve as the basis for a Premises Liability claim.  Some of these are unmarked changes in elevation, dim lighting, broken steps or platforms, wet and slippery floors, obstructions in walkways, parking lot potholes and torn carpeting.  We assess each case individually, giving personal and careful attention to our clients’ needs and concerns so as to assure they have the kind of legal representation that they deserve.

Other Practice Areas in Conshohocken, PA

Our attorneys in Conshohocken, PA assist clients who are victims in other types of cases, including:

Whether you have suffered as a result of a vehicle crash, a slip and fall, or any of the other types of cases listed above, the Conshohocken Personal Injury Lawyers at Lundy Law have the experience and legal acumen you need to recover the highest, legally possible monetary award. We cannot guarantee any particular result, but we can assure you that you will receive the utmost in professional and capable legal services.  Call us today at 1-800-LundyLaw for a consultation.

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