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Felton, Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers

Enduring a personal injury is troublesome if you do not understand that you have a right to take legal action against the person responsible. Our Felton, DE personal injury attorney is experienced in the process of negotiating compensation if a slip and fall accident or medical malpractice injury has left you with major expenses. The team has more than 50 years of experience helping victims move forward by investigating and representing victims that are left with financial hardships after an auto accident or other incident.

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Felton, Delaware

Most people are not prepared to handle unforeseen expenses that can happen if there is an accident. Not only are victims left to face potential lost wages, property damage, and medical bills, an insurance company will typically offer way less than needed if anything at all. Personal injury lawyers in Delaware are prepared to face the challenge of getting victims every single dollar they deserve to alleviate the burden of debt.

Auto Accident Lawyers Serving Felton, Delaware

The moment a collision occurs, the victim typically realizes how unprepared they are to handle such a situation. Suddenly you are unable to go to work and you’re dealing with a painful injury and vehicle damage all at the same time. You do have a right to a financial settlement if our car accident lawyers can prove that the other driver is completely responsible. We want to make sure that you’re not taken advantage of and left with insurmountable debt that you do not deserve

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Serving Felton, Delaware

A serious personal injury can happen to anyone that falls down on a hard surface, especially if they are older. We are here to determine if the reason you were involved in this type of accident is due to negligence on the behalf of the property owner. We have a team of personal injury lawyers in Delaware that are willing to stand by your side throughout the ordeal to represent your case and make sure that you stay informed every step of the way.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Serving Felton, Delaware

Whenever an injury or illness are severe enough to seek medical treatment, you anticipate that you’ll leave the facility in better condition. If a professional did not provide you with adequate care for any reason, these mistakes are not excusable. You have a serious legal case worth pursuing with the help of our accident lawyers in Delaware for compensation if you are ever treated with negligence or injured by a medical professional.

Although slip and fall cases and auto accidents lead to many of the injuries suffered by victims in the city of Felton, there are many other actions and situations that lead to personal harm and Lundy Law represents victims in these additional areas of practice, including:

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