US, Canada recall Disney tricycles

Parents, you’ll want to read about this recall.

Reuters (4/21, Keiper) reported the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued a joint statement Thursday announcing the recall of over 9,000 Disney Princess Plastic Racing Tricycles. The statement explained that children risked cutting themselves on a plastic display affixed on top of the tricycles’ handle bars. The trike, from manufacturer Kiddieland Toys Limited was sold at Target and JCPenny in the US. The company has received three injury reports. The CPSC and Health Canada instructed customers to contact Kiddieland for a replacement trike that covers the display.

This comes amid a spate of other toy recalls including:

  • 29,000 pacifiers by Key Baby LLC due to a potential choking hazard. Both the Pampers Natural Stages Infant Ortho and Bulb pacifiers fail to meet federal safety standards.
  • “Troy the Activity Truck,” by Infantino LLC. The toys, made in China, were sold from September 2009 through February 2011 at toy stores in the U.S. and Canada.
  • A voluntary recall of 169,000 pogo sticks by Bravo Sports due to their potential to cause serious injury.

Our goal in mentioning these is simply to give you another tool to help keep those you love safe from injury. If you own any of the products mentioned, you should check with manufacturer for recall details, or you can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s site for recall details.

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