60–year–old Woman Knocked to Pavement by Reversing Church Van

60–year–old Woman Receives $1.5 million in Delaware County

A 60–year–old woman who was knocked to the pavement by a reversing church van received a settlement of $1.5 million in her case that was scheduled to go to trial in Delaware County. Defendants argued that the client and her husband were comparatively negligent because they saw the van and failed to be sure that the van driver was aware of their presence before they walked behind the van. The defendants also argued that the client’s injuries were the result of her pre-accident scoliosis. The client had several spinal surgeries before the accident. After the accident, she was able to get herself up and declined medical attention.

However, she developed back pain within several days, and 6 months later was diagnosed with a new herniated disc that required two surgeries. Lundy Law attorneys retained multiple experts, including accident reconstruction, neurosurgery, vocational, and economic experts, and successfully convinced the defendants to offer a substantial settlement in a very conservative jurisdiction.