60th Anniversary of the Seatbelt

It’s not only the 60th anniversary of Lundy Law but also the 60th anniversary of the seatbelt! This car feature has been saving lives and is seen as the most important traffic safety innovation.

The seat belt as we know it was created by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin in 1959. Despite it being such a unique concept, Volvo did not patent the creation. Instead, they left it open for all vehicle manufacturers to use on their cars and save lives.

Unfortunately, not everyone across the world makes use of the seat belt (specifically in heavy trucks). Volvo estimates that half of tractor trailer drivers are killed in accidents due to not wearing their seat belt. Apparently, many truck drivers believe that due to the size of their vehicle there’s simply no need for a seatbelt. Not at all true. You should always wear your seat belt, no matter the size of your vehicle.

As of 2019,  the seatbelt is estimated to have saved over one million lives. Thank you Nils Bohlin for bringing the seatbelt to the world.

Source: Volvo