10 Songs Said to Cause Car Accidents

We’ve all been there. You’re driving down the road and suddenly a song comes on that makes you absolutely lose it and burst into song. Studies show some of these “bangers” are actually more likely to cause a car accident than others. Using data through Spotify, English psychologist and professor Dr. Simon Moore constructed this list of songs most likely to cause a car accident. He measured beats per minute and statistics to back up his findings.


  1. “Move B***h” – Ludacris


2. “Congratulations” – Post Malone


3. “Solo Dance” – Martin Jensen


4. “Slide” – Calvin Harris

5. “Ridin” – Chamillionaire

6. “Big For Your Boots” – Stormzy

7. “Castle on the Hill” – Ed Sheeran

8. “Sweetness” – Jimmy Eat World

9. “The Pretender” – Foo Fighters

10. “I Can’t Drive 55” – Sammy Hagar


Source: CulturaColectiva.com