How to Handle Product Recalls

How to Handle Product RecallsAny product has the potential for a recall if there is a reason to believe users are being put at risk. Not all faulty products are as large as an automobile. Some small products contain hazardous defects that have potential for harmful consequences. It is important to treat any recall seriously, even if it is issued as a precaution to owners of the items in question. It isn’t easy to keep track of every single product that enters a home, but understanding the process of identifying and handling a recall could potentially save a life.

How Do I Find Out a Product I Own Has Been Recalled?

Usually the product manufacturer or an associated government agency such as the FDA, Food Safety, Consumer Product Safety Commission, for example, are responsible for declaring a product recall. Only the dangerous or major recalls are mentioned in news programs or through signs at the store of purchase. The best way to stay informed about a product recall is to register the purchase with the manufacturer as soon as you purchase an item so that you can be contacted in the event of a recall. If you have concerns about certain products that you already own, a simple online search can help you figure out if there has been a recall. Different government agencies also send out regular email notifications that you can sign up for through the web site.

What Should I Do If I Own a Recalled Product?

Although you may be at risk having used a recalled product, it is important to stay calm about the situation. Most products are simply unsafe to continue using and the steps you should take will be provided in the recall information. Never attempt to repair or continue using a product against the recommendation of the manufacturer. The recall notice should explain if you are entitled to a replacement, repair, or a refund of the purchase price.

Who’s Responsible for Product Recalls?

An inspector, consumer report, or other entity that discovers a problem with a certain product typically report to the manufacturer. The manufacturer and the government agency that regulates that industry are responsible for investigating any claims to determine if there is a need to move forward with a recall of the specific item. At this point, a notification is sent out to consumers from by both sides to allow customers a chance to have their product replaced, repaired, or refunded as necessary.

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