Pennsylvania Mothers – The Dangers of Taking Depakote During Pregnancy

The Dangers of Taking Depakote During PregnancyIt is difficult to ignore the numerous television and internet advertisements that promote a variety of drugs that are used for both medically necessary purposes, and for elective purposes. It is also difficult to ignore the many advertisements that demonstrate how some prescription medications have severely harmed innocent consumers, and how pharmaceutical companies must be held responsible.

It is unfortunate that the pharmaceutical industry continues to promote unsafe drugs, but we also rely on the pharmaceutical industry to provide us with safe and effective drugs that have been around for decades or even longer. Pharmaceutical companies always want to get the next best thing out there, even if there is already a drug on the market that has been proven to work for a particular medical condition. This has opened the door to the possibility that new, innovative drugs are not as safe, and in fact, are extremely harmful. Further, even if a drug has been on the market for a long time, pharmaceutical companies promote new uses of the drug that have not been evaluated.

Using Depakote During Pregnancy

Depakote is a drug that is primarily used to treat epilepsy and other seizure disorders. This drug, like so many others, is also used to treat migraines, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other conditions that go beyond the scope of what the drug was approved for. This has resulted in numerous debilitating injuries.

While Depakote has been around for approximately 30 years, the drug is being prescribed for new uses on a regular basis, such as migraine headaches. As such, the prevalence of birth defects has significantly increased where mothers took Depakote while pregnant. Birth defects can be caused by a variety of factors (including congenital factors), however, when there is a strong link between Depakote use in pregnant women and the birth defects their children suffer, it is likely that the drug played a role in causing such birth defects. Birth defects linked to Depakote use in pregnant women include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Cleft palate;
• Cleft lip;
• Heart defects;
• Neural tube defects;
• Spina bifida;
• Hypoplasia or underdevelopment; and
• Anencephaly.

Did Your Doctor Warn You About the Potential for Birth Defects?

As a patient, you trust your doctor to provide you with accurate information that includes, but is not limited to, the potential side effects that may result from taking certain medications. In recent years, it has been determined that many doctors were not aware that Depakote usage during pregnancy increases the chances that a child will suffer birth defects. The manufacturer of Depakote has a duty to warn your doctor, and you, about the true risks of taking the drug. When warnings are insufficient, or not properly communicated, your doctor will not be able to counsel you on the serious risks of taking Depakote while pregnant. When doctors and patients are not adequately warned, unnecessary and costly injuries result that can change your life forever.

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Depakote is yet another prescription medication that has been linked to severe birth defects. Many pregnant women are already aware that certain anti-depressants and the medication Zofran, used to treat morning sickness, have been linked to birth defects. It has only been made clear in recent years just how dangerous Depakote can be for pregnant women and their unborn children. If you have taken Depakote and your child has been diagnosed with having a birth defect, it is important to speak with a Pennsylvania Depakote Attorney as soon as possible. While not all birth defects are linked to Depakote usage, it is still important to speak with a qualified attorney to determine if you may have a valid lawsuit against the manufacturer of Depakote. At Lundy Law, our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases involving dangerous drugs like Depakote. Having offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Lundy Law is able to reach a wide spectrum of clients in need. Our attorneys also have the resources to handle Depakote cases nationwide. If you would like to discuss your potential case with Lundy Law, contact our office today by calling (800) LundyLaw to schedule your free consultation.