Who Is Responsible for Playground Accident Injuries?

Who Is Responsible for Playground Accident Injuries

Playgrounds can provide ample hours of fun and activity for children, allowing them to challenge themselves, socialize and enjoy the outdoor air. However, playgrounds can also present dangers that you may not be aware of when you take your children to play. Although most playground injuries are minor, there is the risk that a child could suffer a severe injury, including traumatic brain injury, paralysis or broken bones.

Common Playground Accident Injuries

Most injuries occur on playgrounds when children slip and fall from playground equipment. A slip from a jungle gym or bars meant for climbing can cause them to strike other parts of the equipment, further increasing their risk of serious injury. Some of the injuries reported on playgrounds include bruises, broken bones, concussions, dislocations and internal injuries that could lead to severe bleeding. Internal injuries are particularly dangerous as there may not be any external signs of a severe injury.

Causes of Playground Injury

Poor maintenance or design of playground equipment can lead children to be injured while playing. It is not uncommon for playground equipment to be several years old, with some older playgrounds still using equipment that may be 10 or 20 years old.

Over the years, metal and other parts can deteriorate. Wood may rot or screws and bolts may come loose, creating a dangerous situation. If the playground was not designed properly, such as a missing soft surface where children may fall, could lead to injury on a playground.

Children also need constant attention when using playground equipment, especially when they are small. If your child was injured while someone else cared for them, you may be able to demonstrate negligence if the person responsible failed to supervise them adequately.

Liability for Playground Accidents

Liability may be determined by the entity that owns the playground. Public park playgrounds are often owned by the city, county, state or even the federal government. Playgrounds on schools are normally maintained and operated by public or private school districts. If the playground is located at a restaurant, the establishment could be responsible.

If the playground was designed poorly, the company that designed and installed the playground could be held responsible for any injuries. In most states, there are minimum safety standards that must be met regarding playground safety and if it can be proven that those standards were not met, you may be eligible for compensation for an injury to you or your child.

If you or a loved one were injured after playground accidents, contact the personal injury lawyers at Lundy Law to learn what rights you may have. Hiring an attorney does not mean you intend to sue the person responsible, but an attorney will fight for your best interests in order to get you the compensation you deserve. Arrange for your initial consultation by calling 1-800-Lundy Law or completing the query form online.