What Should I do if I’m involved in a Boat Accident?

What Should I do if I’m involved in a Boat Accident

What Should I do if I’m involved in a Boat Accident?

A fun and relaxing day out in the open water of the Delaware River or one of our gorgeous local lakes can turn sour in an instant. Any negligent accident on the water has the potential to cause accidental death or serious injuries to any operators and passengers involved. It is important to understand your rights in this situation, especially if you or someone that you love are impacted by a personal injury.

What constitutes a boating accident?

Falling overboard, a fire, capsizing, sinking, or a collision while riding on any watercraft vehicle are technically considered boating accidents. Any personal injury sustained while on a personal vehicle, such as a jet ski, is considered as valid as riding any ship, boat, or ferry.

What are common causes of boating accidents?

Operators that are either intoxicated or inadequately experienced cause the majority of accidents because they often fail to maintain boating safety. Moving a vessel at an excessive speed is considered reckless, even when on the water where the operator is required to use their own judgement of the situation. Equipment failure, hazards in the water, and unexpected weather conditions also contribute to boating accidents.

What should I do if I’ve been injured in a boating accident?

The most important first step is to seek medical attention for any of your injuries, even if they seem minor. Proving injuries with an official medical report is very important to achieve a settlement in your case. Report the incident to local authorities and then gather pertinent information on the boat operators, passengers, and any witnesses to the accident. If you happen to have a cell phone or camera with you, take pictures of your surroundings and the vessels involved in the accident as soon as you can to retain accurate evidence. Speak only with an attorney and avoid making any statements to news reporters or insurance representatives.

What damages can be recovered in boating accident cases?

If we have sufficient information to conclude that another entity is to blame for your injuries, you have a chance to recover money for your rehabilitation, lost wages, medical bills, pain, suffering, and any personal property damage.

Anytime you are involved in an accident due to inadequate boating safety, our skilled attorneys are ready to discuss your case. Call our office at 1 (800) LundyLaw so that we are able to investigate your claim and discuss the options for pursuing the settlement you need.