4 Ways To Prevent A Pennsylvania Boating Accident This Summer

Summer has officially arrived here in Pennsylvania and for many that means it’s time to take the boat out on the water. Doing so can present serious risks of injury or death if boaters are not cautious.

These risks were highlighted by a recent fatal Pennsylvania boating accident that occurred on the Clarion River outside of Ridgeway Township. Reports indicate the incident occurred on Sunday, May 25th, underneath the bridge along Portland Mills Road.

The Bradford Era states the a group of canoes were making their way down the river when one of the vessels carrying two people got hung up on a pylon beneath the bridge. The boat tipped, causing a female to become trapped underneath the water, while a male passenger was caught against the pylon.

The male victim suffered injuries to his leg, while the female victim drowned.

The incident leaves many boaters wondering what they can do to stay safe on the water this year. The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers with Lundy Law would suggest taking the following precautions:

  • Wear a Life Preserver- Using this life-saving piece of equipment can effectively reduce the chances of death or injury in the event of an accident.
  • Don’t Consume Alcohol– Drinking and boating is just as dangerous as consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, so just don’t do it.
  • Be Prepared– It’s important to ensure your watercraft has no holes or leaks prior to hitting the water. Also, make sure the vessel is equipped with all the necessary safety gear.
  • Take a Boating Safety Course– These classes are presented across the state throughout the year and can provide much insight into boating safety.