What is the Difference Between Full Tort and Limited Tort?

What is the Difference Between Full Tort and Limited TortWhenever a driver is shopping for insurance coverage, it’s necessary to know the difference between full and limited tort. The monthly expense of a limited tort policy is lower, but the benefits do not cover everything you may need if injured. A full tort policy provides the most coverage for serious accidents that cause more than medical expenses. If you do not know which policy you currently hold, or you are trying to open a new policy, become educated on both types of insurance before making any important decisions.

What is Full Tort Insurance?

The type of compensation that you are allowed to pursue in a personal injury auto accident case is determined by the insurance policy. A full tort enables you to recover money for medical fees, pain, suffering, and other unexpected costs that you incur. It is the most helpful in the event of a serious accident, which is a completely unpredictable occurrence.

What is Limited Tort Insurance?

A limited tort may save quite a bit of money each month, at the chance of having no accidents. Although you are able to sue for any medical bills, other expenses are not covered by this type of policy. Anyone that has been involved in an accident understands that there are so many different expenses, such as pain and suffering, that could make it really difficult to get back on your feet.

The Bottom Line.

Never take out an automobile insurance policy just so that you are in compliance with the law without knowing the details. The out-of-pocket expenses are going to surpass the amount saved by choosing a limited tort policy. Once you are compensated for medical expenses and vehicle repairs, everything else is your sole responsibility. A full tort premium does cost a bit more each month, but protecting your future is worth making adjustments to your personal budget. You never know when you will need help because of lost wages, pain, and suffering caused by a serious injury.

It’s important to have a policy that will work for you, even if it comes at a higher premium for this coverage. The consequences of a limited tort policy in the event of a serious accident can be more devastating than paying a little more each month. Call us at call us at 1-800-LundyLaw and we will be more than happy to help you can make the right decision about your policy.