From the Files of Leonard Lundy: 4 Justifications for Purchasing Limited Tort Auto Insurance

There comes a time in every Pennsylvania and New Jersey resident’s life when they’re faced with a serious life decision: do I buy the limited or full tort auto insurance?

So many times, I hear people say—“Eh, I’ll just get limited, its cheaper” and so many times I’ll tell them that getting full tort will most times end up being a better option in the long run. But still—they continue to push for the former rather than the latter. Here are some of their reasons for choosing limited tort:

1. “No one really knows the difference anyway.” 

Ha! Maybe some don’t, but a lot of us do. It’s easy to take a look at the cheaper premium and decide that it’s a suitable option for you. But it really goes far beyond that. If you happen to get into an accident with limited tort insurance, you’ll only be able to recover in a very limited way (hence the name). You’ll be able to get compensation for damages and medical bills, but not for pain and suffering which could be central to getting yourself back on your feet in the case of a serious accident.

2. “I’m just trying to save some money.” 

This is likely the most common justification—and it’s true, you’ll save money on your monthly premium. However, like I said, it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Limited tort could leave you without the money necessary to fully recover for your injuries and time lost from work.

3. “I’ve never been in an accident anyway and probably never will be.”

Here’s something my mom used to tell me when I started driving: “It’s not your driving that you need to worry about while on the road, it’s the other drivers out there.” I used to roll my eyes and go on my way, but after a career of hearing cases that deal with just that—I realize that it couldn’t be truer.

4. “It’s not worth the extra money when you add it all up.”

See number 2. The extra costs that you’ll be responsible for paying yourself after a serious accident could leave you with a lifetime of debt.

So what insurance are you working with? It may be best to reconsider and buy full tort.