Those Speeding Tickets Add Up Fast — Slow Down

As the summer season gets into swing, many more drivers are taking to the road for vacations, despite the return of $4 per gallon gas. More drivers, means more tickets being handed, as the police keep an eye out for speeders on the intersates and highways. Beyond the hit your wallet and the embarassment of being a spectacle for rubber neckers (who are  just glad it wasn’t them that got caught), tickets can have a major impact on your insurance rates. In fact, the points you accrue from a speeding ticket can stay on your record from three to five years, giving your insurer justification to up your rates, or even refuse to renew your policy.

So, the next time you’re racing down the AC Expressway, or taking the Northeast Extension for that weekend (and a day) away, watch your speed. If you feel your foot getting a little heavy, ease up a bit. It may take a little longer, so try to give yourself a little extra time to get there. Save it to spend on your vacation, and let the next guy be the one to get stopped. 🙂