Serious Trucking Accidents & Manufacturing Defects: What You Should Know

Serious Trucking Accidents & Manufacturing Defects: What You Should Know While the vast majority of trucking accidents that occur across the U.S. stem from driver negligence, many others are caused by a truck’s manufacturing defects. Truckers, especially those that move cargo across various parts of the country in large tractor trailers, rely heavily upon the safety of their vehicles. However, defect-related trucking accidents are unfortunately on the rise in the U.S. and often cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Otherwise stated, in the event that their truck fails for whatever reason, it can create hazardous driving conditions for others on the road.

Inevitably, truck failures leave its driver and possibly his or her employer with huge potential liability exposure. However, it is important to consider that a truck manufacturer can also be held financially responsible if the cause of the accident, in whole or in part, can be traced to a specific manufacturing defect. In fact, when a trucking accident stems from a manufacturing defect, the potential to recover in a civil suit extends to all injured parties, including the truck driver and others affected by the defect.

Although the root of every accident is not always readily apparent, a detailed investigation may reveal that something wrong with the truck played a significant part in causing the crash. In other words, perhaps the reason why the truck jack-knifed, overturned or strayed from its course was due to a defective truck part and not the driver. In general, there are several types of defects that cause life threatening accidents, such as:

  1. Substandard tires. When a manufacturer of a truck uses parts that cannot withstand the weight and size of a vehicle, accidents are bound to happen. For instance, trucks equipped with tires that cannot handle the size and weight of large trucks often cause tire blowouts, which typically result in severe crashes.
  2. Improper brakes. Trucks, especially tractor trailers, weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds. As such, it is necessary for these types of vehicles to be built with brakes that can withstand their massive size and weight. Moreover, large trucks, especially those that are loaded up with heavy cargo, require enough space with which to come to a complete stop. Defective brakes not only prevent a trucker from stopping in time, but could cause the driver to lose control and seriously hurt themselves and other drivers.
  3. Steering column defects. These types of defects are serious as they can cause a truck driver to lose control and overturn, killing the truck driver and others in his or her path.
  4. Engine/transmission problems. Like steering column defects, these types of problems can lead to serious and life threatening accidents. When a truck is equipped with a defective engine or transmission, the sheer weight and size of the vehicle can cause undue pressure on these parts, potentially leading to fires and other catastrophic incidences.

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