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Hit and Run Attorneys Serving DelawareEvery driver in Delaware has a responsibility to stop and do the right thing when involved in any type of automobile accident, especially if someone is hurt. Insurance and contact information should be exchanged between each driver. If a parked car is hit and damaged, the property owner should be located or alerted with a written notice providing contact information of the driver. Anytime someone fails to take responsibility, law enforcement should be notified and provided with as much information as possible. A driver that is found guilty of leaving an accident can face a traffic ticket, license suspension, or felony charges if there is a serious injury or fatality.

Hit and Run Accident Causes in Delaware

  • Intoxicated, unlicensed, and uninsured drivers are some of the most common people that flee the scene of an accident for fear of consequences.
  • A person with warrants, in possession of illegal drugs, in a stolen vehicle, or already evading law enforcement for other reasons may be afraid to take responsibility for a collision.
  • Individuals that cause a motorcycle accident, hit a bicycle rider, or run into a pedestrian out walking at night might end up driving away from an accident because they fail to realize that they hit another person.

Speaking With The Insurance Company Following a Hit and Run Accident in Delaware

In the event of a normal car or truck accident, the insurance companies would be responsible to cover personal and property damage. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you are still protected if the other driver is unidentifiable when leaving the scene of an accident. After the police have completed their official report, get in touch with the insurance company to find out the next step. The procedure is similar if your vehicle or other stationary property was damaged when unoccupied.

When Should I Contact My Hit and Run Lawyer?

An attorney should be hired the same day as the car crash because they can provide the advice you need to ensure protection. Although you are in the position of a victim, it is important to understand your right to a fair settlement regardless of whether you can identify the other driver. Our lawyers have experience with this type of case and their guidance provides the help you need to feel confident when faced with such a scary and confusing situation.

Give us a call as soon as you are involved in any car accident that resulted in the other driver fleeing the scene so that we can assist you.

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