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The Boppy Pillow Recall Lawsuit

Boppy Newborn Pillow Lawsuits.

The legal team at Lundy Law is currently managing cases involving injuries and fatalities caused by unsafe newborn loungers and pillows. These cases represent parents who have endured immense suffering and loss. Following reports of suffocation associated with the Boppy Newborn Lounger, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a notice in September 2021 advising parents to discontinue use immediately. An investigation by NBC News revealed that between December 2015 and November 2021, at least 25 infant deaths were linked to the Boppy. All victims were under one year old. Responding to the CPSC’s alert, the Boppy Company recalled 3.3 million newborn loungers.

The Boppy Company isn’t the only one.

Unfortunately, the Boppy Company is not the sole entity responsible for manufacturing and distributing hazardous pillows for newborns and infants. In a briefing released in November 2023, the CPSC highlighted “at least 79 reported fatalities involving infant support cushions” from January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2022, along with 125 nonfatal incidents during the same timeframe.

Products named in the Boppy Company recall.

In September 2021, a voluntary recall was issued by the CPSC and The Boppy Company for more than 3.3 million newborn loungers. The recall includes three specific products:

  1. Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger
  2. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger
  3. Pottery Barn Kids Newborn Lounger

These loungers, sold nationwide from January 2004 to September 2021, were available in physical stores and online retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Pottery Barn Kids.

Despite efforts to prevent their sale on third-party platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, these products are still accessible for purchase. Consequently, many parents may continue to use these items, posing potential risks.

Boppy Newborn Lounger Suffocation Due to Rolling and Turning.

The study shed light on ways to enhance infant safety during lounging. It emphasized the importance of ensuring infants’ comfort and security in loungers. One key finding highlighted the need for caregivers to be mindful of potential suffocation risks associated with soft surfaces. This awareness is particularly crucial for infants under four months old, who may not yet possess the motor skills to adjust their position if their breathing becomes obstructed.

By being vigilant and proactive, caregivers can create a safer environment for infants during lounging activities. Implementing simple precautions, such as avoiding placing additional soft materials near the lounger and ensuring it’s situated on a stable surface, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. This positive approach fosters a sense of reassurance for caregivers, empowering them to provide the best possible care for infants during their precious early months.

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