Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Family Of Worker Struck By Lightning

April 5, 2012

The family of a construction worker who was struck by lightning and killed in September in Atlantic City, New Jersey has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company who hired him. According to NBC 10-Philadelphia, the lawsuit alleges that the company was negligent when they sent the man to work in severe weather.

The lawsuit states that on September 15, the Tishman Construction and Network Construction Company of Pleasantville, New Jersey, ordered the victim to work just before lightning struck an 800-foot tower crane that was close by. The electricity traveled through the tower, into the ground, and back up into the man’s body. Rescue crews were unable to revive him and he was declared dead at the scene.

Two other workers who were nearby were also injured by the strike. They also filed lawsuits against the companies this past Wednesday, saying that they warned job foremen of the coming inclement weather.

Robert Polisano, president and spokesman for the construction companies, stated to the press that the accident was an act of god and the company cannot be blamed for the man’s death and the injuries of the other two workers.

The New Jersey Wrongful Death Lawyers with Lundy Law would like to send their deepest sympathies to the family of the worker who was tragically killed in this accident and would also like to wish the two injured victims a speedy recovery.