Worker Knocked Unconscious 80 Feet Up Tree

June 16, 2011

ABC Local News 6 reported today that a tree-trimmer was knocked unconscious by a limb from a tree where he was working.

The accident occurred in North Whitehall, Pennsylvania, early this afternoon as a tree crew worked to remove over-sized and dead limbs from a tree on a property in Lehigh County.

Workers on the ground say that as they were lowering cut branches from the tree, a gust of wind came up, causing a branch tied to the end of a rope to wildly swing. The branch hit the man trimming the branches in the head and knocked him unconscious. Luckily the man was properly tied in and did not fall from the tree, some 80 feet off of the ground.

It took rescuers with the Tri-clover Fire Department around forty-five minutes to get the man to the ground using the bucket on the fire truck. Once to the ground, the man was transported by ambulance to the local hospital to be treated for the head injury he received from the blow.

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