Wilmington Worker Seriously Burned By Flash Explosion

May 3, 2012

Government reports show that approximately 1,300 burn cases are filed for workers’ compensation each year. The statistics also indicated that two-thirds of the victims were burned while operating, maintaining, or servicing equipment and vehicles. This was the case earlier this week when a worker in Wilmington, Delaware, suffered serious burns from an on-the-job accident.

According to Action 6 News, the incident occurred around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday near Hausel Road in the Port of Wilmington. Officers from the Wilmington Police Department who responded to the scene of the accident reported that the 48-year-old man was using an acetylene torch while working to remove the gas tank of a company vehicle. When fumes from the torch mixed with those from gasoline that had spilled on the worker’s arm earlier, a flash explosion occurred and ignited his clothes. The man’s coworkers were able to help him extinguish the flames.

Newcastle County first responders were called to the scene and transported the man by ambulance to a local burn center in Chester, Pennsylvania, to receive treatment. He suffered second and third-degree burns to his left arm and left side of his chest and remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Delaware workers’ compensation is available to help the victims of on-the-job accidents that can result in injuries such as burns. If you’ve been injured while working, the Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law suggest discussing your situation with an experienced attorney.