How a Prescription Drug Price Cap Could Lower Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Costs

When an employee is injured in our state, they may be eligible for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits; however, the costs associated with these benefits can be high. In fact, Pennsylvania has some of the highest workers’ compensation expenses in the nation.

This has prompted legislators to find ways to reduce costs and one of the areas they are now addressing is the pricing of prescription drugs. According to an article from Pennsylvania Business Daily, state law allows prescription drug prices to be marked up if the medications are repackaged and distributed by a doctor. That’s why legislators have drafted House Bill 1846.

The bill calls for a cap to be placed on the markup on prescription drugs doctors dispense from their practice. Supporters say the piece of legislation will help drive down costs associated with workers’ compensation claims, while also bringing a sense of stability to the program.

The legislation has received approval from both the state House and Senate. Now, the bill will go before the governor for final approval.

At Lundy Law, we are aware of the numerous costs a worker can face in the wake of an on-the-job accident. That’s why our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are hopeful the new law will be effective in helping to reduce the prices many injured workers face for the medications they so desperately need.