US to crack down on toxic metals in child products


This story continues to get national coverage. If you have children, we suggest that you take a few moments and remove any potentially hazardous jewelery from their reach. Cadmium, like lead, negatively affects brain development if ingested.

Chicago Tribune (1/12) reports, “Federal and state watchdogs opened a new front Monday in the campaign to keep poisons out of Chinese imports.” The regulators warned “Asian manufacturers not to substitute other toxins for lead in children’s jewelry,” and began “an inquiry into cadmium found in products around the United States.”

Bloomberg News
(1/12, Lui) reports, “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will develop standards to cover toxic metals in children’s products after a report that cadmium was found in bracelets and pendants imported from China.” Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum “said in a taped speech for a toy safety conference in Hong Kong” that “voluntary efforts will only take us so far.”