NHTSA fines Volvo for failing to report safety defects

July 6, 2012

Bloomberg News (7/3, Keane) reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Volvo $1.5 million for not disclosing “six defects that led to recalls in 2010 and one this year within five business days of determining that a safety flaw exists.” Bloomberg News reported the “recalls included tires that weren’t properly labeled, gearshift levers that can become loose and air bags that may not deploy in a crash.” A statement from NHTSA Administrator David Strickland said it is “critical to the safety of everyone on our roadways that automakers promptly report safety defects — and take immediate action to resolve the issue.” Strickland added that the “NHTSA expects all manufacturers to obey the law and address automotive safety concerns without delay.”

Also reporting this were the New York Times (7/3, Jensen), the Detroit Free Press (7/3, Spangler), and the Detroit News (7/4, Shepardson).