McDonald’s paying three dollar refunds on cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses


If you have purchased a Shrek Forever After drinking glass at McDonalds, you can get a $3.00 refund. See below.

The Chicago Sun-Times (6/9, Knowles) reported, “McDonald’s Corp. is providing $3 refunds to consumers who purchased ‘Shrek Forever After’ drinking glasses that the restaurant chain recalled last week because they contained cadmium.” The glasses cost $1.99 with a food purchase and $2.49 without. “To get the refund, customers must return the glasses inside a McDonald’s store and fill out a refund slip.”
House committee requests documents about glasses. Dow Jones Newswires (6/9, Ziobro) reports that House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman sent a letter to McDonald’s Corp., asking it to reveal how it ensures the products it sells to children aren’t hazardous. The committee also is requesting all the documents pertaining to the company’s voluntary recall of Shrek glasses tainted with cadmium. The committee also asked ARC International North America Inc., which made the glasses, for information, including the origin of the paint used on the glasses.