If You’re Using a Cryo-Therapy Device, Read This


If you are using a cryo-therapy device, please pay attention to this warning. A number of patients have suffere3d sever injuries to ankles, feet, elbows, ankles, hands, wrists and shoulders. The device, which looks like a cooler, is used to minnimze swelling following surgery. After filling the devicewith ice water, a cooling pad is placed on the affected body part. A circulating pump inside the cold therapy device continually circulates ice water through connecting tubes to the cooling pad. This helps keep the pad ice cold for extended periods of time.

These devices come with very little or no instruction and essentially no warnings present on the device. Some patients assume that more cooling is better and, because of existing nerve damage or desensitization  from the surgery that necessitated the device’s use, the person may not feel how cold the pad is on their skin. Some lack a shut-off or alarm mechanism that would prevent the device running too long or too cold.  Resulting injuries can be dramatic.

If you have been injured using a cryo-therapy device, you may be entitled to damages. Have a question? Ask Marvin Lundy.